Production & Reservoir Management

Production and Reservoir Management: Improve value from existing assets, Reduce OPEX per bbl, improve integration across functions, prioritisation of projects to use existing infrastructure.

  • Reservoir Management: We can provide guidance and support to help ensure your field is being operated to maximise recovery
  • Production Surveillance & Well Monitoring: We can perform this as a regular service allowing early identification of small drifts from optimum production and rectifying early
  • Production Forecasting: We can assist in improving the accuracy of your forecasts and therefore your ability to predict cashflow and deliver production promise
  • Loss/Production Allocation: We can either perform this on your behalf or set in place methodologies to perform these allocations in- house, allowing you to understand your reservoir/wells/facilities, where losses may be eliminated and what opportunities may exist
  • Safe Operating Envelopes & Well IntegrityWe can define safe operating envelopes for all your wells and topsides equipment and define well integrity rectification programmes in order to avoid equipment failures, and HSSE incidents.
  • Model of Full Production System (Well/Reservoir/Facilities): we can perform modelling of your full production system using industry standard software in order to provide the basis of accurate forecasting/allocation/opportunity quantification and optimisation recommendations.
  • Back-out Calculations for third party tie-ins: We can calculate the impact on your production of third party fields tying in to your facilities allowing you to negotiate commercial arrangements that recompense you sufficiently.
  • Opportunity Identification, Prioritisation & Planning : We can perform the concept definition and development of all reservoir, wells and facilities opportunities giving you the information required to compare, prioritise and sanction the opportunity workscopes that best fulfil your company strategy.